We are an innovative aviation school, fully certified by the FAA PART 141, certificate number: 8F7S381L, and approved by TSA and SEVIS. Our commitment to our students is to guide them through their training process to become professional commercial aviators, through dedicated training and specialized development. We provide continuous feedback, advice, and guidance tailored to the specific needs of each student. Become part of the AEROSERVICE family and you will feel right at home. At AEROSERVICE, our professional standards in education and the advice we offer define our excellence.

This detailed training program is aimed at those who wish to obtain the commercial pilot certification (FAA). It offers an in-depth understanding of the essential principles of aviation, such as aircraft systems, aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, and air traffic control.

Our programs are divided into two parts: ground school and flight training. Ground school provides classroom theoretical instruction on regulations, communication lab, and simulated communication practices.

  • Flight training includes practical training in single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.
  • Upon completion of the studies, the student will obtain the FAA commercial pilot license.

Students will have access to the most modern aviation technology and equipment, including advanced flight simulators, ensuring complete preparation for a successful career as an airline pilot.

Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook report for 2022 projects a global need for 602,000 new commercial airline pilots over the next 20 years. Our methodology allows our students to excel in aeronautical knowledge and gain experience that fully prepares them for an exciting aviation career. We don’t just “train for the test,” our curriculum also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and risk management, skills that will serve you not only professionally in aviation but in all aspects of life.

“In AEROSERVICE we train the best professionals in aviation”



At our aviation academy in Miami, you’ll discover an unforgettable and thrilling flight learning experience. This is a unique opportunity to live your dream of becoming a pilot or advancing in your aeronautical career. Our highly trained and experienced staff will guide you from day one until you achieve your private pilot license and beyond. We offer a wide range of aviation courses, from beginners to advanced, with state-of-the-art technology and the newest aircraft in the industry. Whether you’re looking for an exciting career in aviation or just want to experience the wonder of flight, our aviation academy in Miami is the perfect place to start.”



IFR Approach with Glass Cockpit.