Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor Courses

Becoming a flight instructor in AFT is a rewarding and highly sought-after career choice. You will enjoy doing your internships and the most important thing is to add hours to your logbook, in addition to transmitting your passion for aviation to the next generation of pilots. It is an excellent path to improve your own skills and open doors to various aviation opportunities, including a possible transition to an airline pilot career. Join us on this exciting journey to share your knowledge, develop valuable skills and contribute to the future of aviation.

CFI Certified Flight Instructor Course consists of


45 Hours Ground school
2 FAA Written Exams
10 Flight Hours with instructor(TAA)
 10 Flight Hours with Instructor
1 Spin Endorsment
2 Hours Checkride
TOTAL: 23 Flight Hours

CFI-I Certified Flight Instrument Instructor consists of


35 Hours Ground school
1 FAA Written Exams
10 Flight Hours with instructor(TAA)
2 Hours Checkride
TOTAL: 12 Flight Hours

MEI Multi-Engine Instructor consists of


15 Hours Ground School
15 Flight hours with Instructor
2 Hours Checkride
TOTAL: 17 Flight Hours

Every candidate will have the wonderful opportunity to do practice-teaching(theory lessons) while training for each instructor certificate phase.

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