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We are an innovative aviation school, fully certified by FAA PART 141, certificate number: 8F7S381L and approved by the TSA. Our commitment to our students is to guide them in their training process to become professionals, through dedicated training and specialized development. We provide ongoing feedback, advice and guidance tailored to each student’s specific needs. Be part of the AEROSERVICE family and you will feel at home. At AEROSERVICE, our professional standards in education and the advice we provide define our excellence.

The 2022 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook projects a global need for 602,000 new commercial airline pilots over the next 20 years. Our methodology allows our students to excel in aeronautical knowledge and gain experience that fully prepares them for an exciting career in aviation. We do not just “train to test”, our curriculum also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, decision making and risk management – skills that serve you well not just professionally in aviation, but in all aspects of life.

“At AEROSERVICE we train the best professionals in aviation”

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Learning to fly will unlock a world of possibilities and give you unmatched freedom to see the world. From your arrival to our school and all throughout your training, we provide continuous support and custom tailor your options based on your budget, needs and career goals. Our programs and services are provided by instructors who are dedicated to providing the best individualized instruction using the best technology available.

For our younger students and their families, we understand that transitioning can be stressful.
Our experience allows us to provide personalized flight training advice to help you focus on this truly unique journey. As part of the AEROSERVICE family, our goal is to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Our safe, supportive and fun “family” atmosphere helps you maintain positive motivation in both your training and your personal life.


Our success is based on your success. We’re confident that the flight training you receive at AEROSERVICE will be the best available. We’re dedicated to advising and graduating the best aviation professionals. Come and join the AEROSERVICE family for your great adventure.

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International STUDENTS

Some students do not have the sufficient level of English to start studying aviation. For these reason, they attend FNU(Florida National University) for the program of English as Second Language, as they attend clasess to enhance their english language skills, at the same time they receive aviation training.